Shutdown Poll Drops On Democrats – The Red Wave Has Returned

Here comes Trump’s wave to knock down Nancy’s opposition.

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The media is pushing the story that President Trump is losing the border wall fight.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. What we are seeing is Trump sticking around, fighting to end the shutdown and fund the wall.

He even gave up his Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Meanwhile, Democrats have flown to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and even tried to skip off to Europe. Clearly, they don’t care about America.

Now a new poll, from liberals, are giving us numbers nobody thought was possible.

From Mediaite:

In the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday, President Donald Trump… saw a huge point gain in a different demographic breakdown, and an unexpected one by conventional wisdom.

In early December, the poll had Trump’s approval rating among Latino adults at 31%.

That is an astonishing 19 point swing.

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Democrats have miscalculated, yet again. They really thought that all Hispanic Americans supported their open border agenda.

Liberals forgot that Hispanic Americans are either American citizens or legal immigrants.

They are hurt just as much as anyone else from the open border. Why would they oppose measures from Trump that would keep their families safe?

Many Hispanics worked very hard to come here legally and raise their families. Many more were born here, true-blue American citizens.

Democrats just assumed they’d all support their toxic, un-American agenda. Once again, they were wrong.

Hispanics, like the rest of the country, are seeing Trump as the only one fighting for them. And they want the wall up too.

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Source: Mediaite